At Long Island Soccer Club, we understand the uniqueness of the female athlete and the invaluable contribution of the female perspective in developing female athletes. Our Female-First Initiative, along with our Co-Coaching model demonstrates the priority we place on integrating the female perspective, insight, and expertise into the culture of each and every girls’ team in the club.

With the addition of more than a half dozen experienced female coaches, the club can ensure the influence of a female coach at every level of our girls’ program. This model cultivates diversity in thinking and fosters collaboration between coaches, whereby they share their strengths, learn from each other, and provide players with an expansive breadth of coaching expertise.

“I’m excited that the club’s Female-First Initiative has really started to take shape and helped create a unique culture and dynamic performance environment for our young female athletes. With the current level of our Girls’ Development Academy program and the addition of top-level coaches, Long Island Soccer Club has become the best pathway for competitive female soccer players on Long Island.”

Meghan Frey
Girls’ Academy Director

At LISC we provide a team of coaches who are experienced in coaching girls and who show a strong desire to inspire, teach, and prepare girls to compete at the highest levels.

Our vision is for each female athlete at LISC is to learn the game while developing the technical, tactical, social-emotional, and communication skills necessary to become a strong, complete player. Our approach to coaching seeks to develop competitive, confident players within a supportive club environment where girls develop a true love for the game and their teammates while working toward becoming the very best version of themselves.

“Each time I attend a US Development Academy national meeting – consisting of all the DA Coaching Directors and Team Coaches – I am absolutely amazed that out of approximately 350 of the supposed top youth coaches in the country less than 20 are women. When you contrast this to the fact that at the countless National Coaching courses I teach, although women are most certainly in the minority they are invariably an extremely high percentage of the very best candidates.

At Long Island SC we are committed to breaking through the glass goal net and providing high-level female coaches with the ability to pursue a career within a positive and supportive environment. This in turn allows these brilliant women to mentor our young female players and provide them with experienced, talented, strong, confident and successful female soccer role models.”

Gary Book
Academy Director

Female-First coaches will be announced during the month of May and early June supporting the build out of new teams for Long Island SC Girls’ Development Academy and teams that participate in other competitive leagues.

To be part of Long Island SC Female-First Club initiative we invite both players and parents to register for upcoming tryouts.