Episode 2 | How to Be a Team Player

In this episode, our host Johnny Collins and guest Phil Karn dive deep into what it means to be a good team player. Discover the secrets to nurturing a humble and successful team player mindset. Coach Johnny and Phil share their wisdom on why being a good team player is crucial in soccer and also in life. They provide valuable advice for players aspiring to play at the college level and beyond.

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Bonus: You will also get to know the secret to standing out on a soccer pitch – in the era of global soccer superstars like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo with incredible individual talent, it might not be what you expect!


Episode 1 | Attitude for Success

Welcome to our first ever episode! In it, Team Taca host, Geoff Shreeves – the legendary soccer television journalist and interviewer, who has covered every single season of the Premier League ever for Sky Sports – chats to the hugely respected soccer coach, Steve Round. As a coach at top English clubs Manchester United, Newcastle United and Arsenal, as well as the English Mens’ National Team, Steve has vast experience of coaching and developing outstanding young soccer talent. Players who have benefitted from his expertise include David Beckham, Wayne Rooney and Bakayo Saka, as well as US Men’s National Team legends, Landon Donovan and Tim Howard.

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Our episode theme is ‘Attitude For Success’ and you will hear Steve and Geoff discuss the No.1 thing that helps young soccer players to improve. Steve also gives us an insight into the mindset of elite players, using practical examples from players he has worked with. There’s also advice on how young players who are behind in their development can catch up.

On top of all that, we get a full round-up of news and goings on in the club.